Futuras Misiones de Ciencia y Exploración de la ESA

En esta conferencia se hará una revisión de las misiones actuales y futuras de la Agencia Espacial Europea (ESA) en los campos  de la ciencia y de la exploración espacial.   ======= Evento: Semana de la Ciencia 2019 “Un gran salto al otro Mundo”, Organizan: CODICE, Grupo Astronómico Portuense, Junta de Andalucia Fecha: Viernes 15 […]

Europe’s next space generation event for Sheffield students

This event is about the Europe’s next space generation talk where we will have an opportunity to listen and debate about the future of space activities for the upcoming Space19+. It will be held the 8 of October from 6 PM (Paris local time). We will have a chance to discuss with Philippe Willekens (ESA […]

Europe’s Next Space Generation at Universidad Europea

This event is part of European Space Talks, a pioneering awareness campaign inviting the space community to share their space projects and related benefits with our citizens.  ESA is proposing a digital Space Talk dedicated to the next generation. Students around Europe, and beyond, will remotely connect and debate about future Space activities that will […]